Ausia Lyria

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Born into a group of powerful cultists, Ausia was regarded as a herald of their future, one that would lead the cult into greatness. Their leader - her father - is a Nephilim and operates a highly clandestine group of folk who believe in forging the future through the subtle manipulation. From her birth, all she knew was the shadow and her purpose, a tool for her father's wishes.

When she was fourteen years old she finally had enough and desired her own life, one where she could find her own purpose and not one determined for her. Unfortunately, this clash of ideals lead her to do battle with her father and, ultimately, ended in his death (albeit with great regret).

She had discovered the secret of the cult, their prized possession and source of her father's corruption, the Soulbane. Even though her father was Nephilim, his heart was impure, as even the best of people can become twisted. Soulbane senses these impurities and feeds off of them, exacerbating those desires by feeding Infernal energy like a drug, punishing the wielder for deviating. Fortunately, Ausia has no such impure desires and instead is able to master the weapon and unlock its powers.

She spent the next eleven years training hard so she would be certain to wield her abilities with responsibility. She eventually gained the attention of the government when her hideout was discovered by a construction company attempting to demolish the abandoned building she was living in. The workers called the police as they needed to remove her from the property, she willingly submitted to her arrest (possession of illegal weapon) wherein the police discovered her weapon was indexed; they immediately alerted the Board of Magical Training and Standards and began an investigation - possessing a magical weapon is not taken lightly. She admitted to being half-Nephilim with a pang of altruism, to which the Board made a proposition: Work for the Government or be thrown in prison for three decades. Ausia accepted their offer for work and she found herself appointed as a Guardian, under the direct tutelage of the Chief Praetor himself.

Although she has no military experience, Chief Varkas is confident she will learn quickly but has assigned her the probationary Praetor Apprentice until she can prove her mettle.