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Avarice was born in the Telestar Contingent on Terra. He was born with an unusual mutation: his grey matter was twice as dense than normal, giving him a biological advantage to any known natural being. His people are traditionally extremely warmongering, thus highly intelligent individuals are disregarded in favour of raw power. his ostracism led him on a course outward, beyond his own people, which rarely ever happens for Telestarians.

From a young age, his outstanding ability shone through at every level, consistently outperforming every opponent and destroying any benchmark. Eschewing anything beyond studying, Avarice was driven to be the most valuable contributor to science in galactic history and would earn a dual undergraduate degree (Biophysics and Biochemistry) at only fourteen years old, his first graduate degree at sixteen, and his first doctorate at twenty. During his studies for Physiology, the legendary Mars Institute would invite him to join their team as a Research Fellow to help lay the foundation for galactic medicine by understanding key differences in rare species such as the Races of the Milky Way Pixies and uncover certain unknowns about their bodies. In the following decade, he would go on to earn several more academic milestones

Avarice Ioneth
Avarice the Telestarian
Seen here with traditional Telestarian clothing
Biological Details
Age: 40
Sex: Male
Height(cm): 190
Weight(kg): 80
Race/Species: Human/Exastos
General Details
Occupation: Naval Scientist
Rank or Title: Major/Chief Experimenter
Affiliations: Officium Experimentis, Mars Institute, Achilles Biomedical
ECR: 50
Combat Details
Skills and Training: N/A
Abilities: Anima Residuam Chirotheca (Equipment)
Unique Attributes/Misc
Utilises a network of android body doubles for misdriection, masking his true location

He is capable of speaking, reading, or writing every known language in the galaxy, including machine code. When he was twenty-one years old, he was admitted to a special evaluative program under the Academy of Progress. The program labelled the Extreme Cognitive Measurement Circuit, is specifically designed to test and benchmark the overall cognitive prowess of individuals with traditionally immeasurable quotient levels. One must achieve a perfect score to pass, else cannot be deemed a 'Supreme Intelligence', and only six individuals have ever achieved this status since the program began in 2205. The test measures the ability to multitask, deductive reasoning, creative function, logic, and forethought, and the passing score is graded in duration to complete each task which is then tallied, with the passing score of 4 minutes and 35 seconds to complete the entire Circuit. Avarice had accomplished a record time of 1:23 seconds, beating out previous record holders Lexis Uthwei and Kalua des-Annavardis, who was tied with a time of 3:91. Due to this, he is the undisputed most intelligent organic being in the galaxy, with an estimated Intelligence Quotient of at least 450.

During his fellowship at the Mars Institute, he discovered a rare Avian metavirus that reacts to a very specific chemical compound, this exploit was used to attach to cancer cells in at least six different varieties of cancerous growths in order to stop the cellular reproductive process, and was found to work in at least two races within the Union. His work earned him several awards and recognition, as well as a spot in the famed Achilles Biomedical Corporation, which was the largest medical entity in the galaxy.

His tenure with Achilles Biomedical outstanding in every meaningful way, excelling in every aspect of his job. Under his name, his company developed biogel, and laid the foundation for improved biological cloning techniques, as well as having made great contributions to genetic engineering, and biocybernetic design. He was later approached by Lexis Uthwei to join her team as her Executive Experimenter and right-hand man, to which he gladly agreed.

Working in the Office of Experiments is the highlight of his career, and has given him the spotlight as the premier scientist within the galaxy. His work has produced more progress alone than thousands of researchers combined, being comparable to history's brightest scientists. However, not content with being second best. he fabricated a way to frame his former superior into being forced to step down. Having taken up the mantle of his predecessor, he positioned himself to have absolute control over the Union's scientific assets, thereby functioning nearly entirely autonomously.


As a man of science, Avarice is not one to engage in battle. That does not result in an inability to fight indeed as throughout his intrepid research into obscure worlds, rare materials, and hidden remnants of bygone civilisations to further his experiments, he stumbled upon a lost Lizardfolk artefact known as the Anima Residuam Chirotheca (Soul-Draining Gauntlets) that have been forgotten for centuries. He deduced where they would likely be hiding and launched a private expedition to excavate the powerful relics found on a war-torn moon on the edge of Lizardfolk territory. At first, he was only interested in studying them for pure curiosity but it would be a short time before he discovered their true ability and that it was more than likely the ancient Lizardfolk buried the Gauntlets for safety.

When worn, if the wearer can speak Dragontongue, it will activate its insidious mechanism: to drain the life out of the target. It turns out that the Gauntlet was designed to fight their oppressive masters, but when they were defeated eons ago the Lizardfolk began to use it on each other. The wielder can control exactly how much to drain and can stop it at any time with the snap of his fingers. There is also an alternative function of the item and that is to conjure an anti-magic field around the wearer. This stops most if not all mana-based abilities from executing easily, and as a result even passive effects will have limited to no function.

Normally this would be a weapon of mass destruction on any warrior trained to use it, but Avarice only uses it to get what he wants or to defend himself. Beyond that, the Gauntlets drain the user's own pool of mana quite quickly, and not being trained in the magical arts severely limit his capabilities with the device. Even without training, the Gauntlets increases his threat potential fifty fold into that of a Severe Threat.


  1. Awards:
    1. Mars Institute Medal for Scientific Achievement
    2. Union Navy Medal of Commendation
    3. Intergalactic Association of Biological Sciences Ribbon of Achievement
    4. Lexis Uthwe Foundation for Scientific Progress Certificate of Achievement
    5. Terran Science Society Medal of Recognition
    6. Union Navy Medal of Superior Service
    7. Intergalactic Engineering Standards Commission Platinum Rating
    8. Union Science and Engineering Bureau Star of Savant
  1. Education:
    1. PhD, Chemical Engineering
    2. PhD, Genetics
    3. PhD, Physiology
    4. Graduate Degree, Biotechnology
    5. Graduate Degree, Evolutionary Biology and Ecology
    6. Undergraduate Degree, Biochemistry
    7. Undergraduate Degree, Biophysics
    8. Certified Genetic-Organic Architect
    9. Licensed Organic Laboratory Operator