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Welcome to the FAQ!


Q: So is SoFaC a dystopia or utopia?

A: Neither, it's in the middle. I suppose it can be a cynical utopia at best as it is what I feel would be a 'balanced' futuristic setting where it's not too nice but not clearly a terrible one either. 

Q: What is the estimated population of know species and how many planets have been colonized to some extent?

As of right now, accounting for all sentient organic life (That means beyond the Union) there are approximately 16,000,000,000,000 (trillion) sentient and self-aware lifeforms, organic or otherwise.
There are around 450-500 colonies, not including any space station or habitable satellites (such as moons) within the Union of Galactic Species, or around 55% of all life in the galaxy.

Q: I play a lot of other sci-fi games, why do the ships seem so tiny in comparison to other cannon?

A: This is a result of several factors; the Union has a *lot* of territory to maintain and protect, having larger ships means a lower quantity of ships available for such a task, essentially the Union's forces are stretched thin.

Note: ship designs have since been updated so the more powerful ships are far larger than previous.

Another factor is having a larger ship means larger crews, which mean each individual ship becomes more and more valuable, in order to remain effective, most ships are required to be, for better or worse, disposable. The final factor is that there are diminishing returns on larger ships, there are no weapons powerful or large enough to make use of all that extra ship real estate, and most ships aren't meant to be lumbering targets but at least marginally agile.

Q: Why aren't weapons using gunpowder or something similar more prevalent? Wouldn't they be incredibly cheap, easy, and effective to make just about anywhere?

A: UPDATED: Gunpowder has been reworked and is now nearly as commonplace as they are in traditional modern military forces. The Navy will still prefer particle weapons. They are, of course, somewhat different than ordinary gunpowder (think of it as gunpowder v2) and units stationed in places that don't have frequent or easy access to supplies will most likely be given particle weapons instead, as they consume much less supply. Space naval warfare is only particle-based.

Q: Magik? Cool, but how does it work?

A: Magic works because every living creature has what's called Mana. Mana is a 'filtered' and 'diluted' form of Warp energy, a process which occurs naturally through the body. Since the Warp exists parallel to everything else, its proximity to life allows it to be absorbed via Life Energy, which is the essence of a soul. The Warp, being an unimaginably powerful and unpredictable source of mysterious energy, is useful even in the minute quantities found in all life.

Q: I think I've got some really great ideas to add to the wiki, is there any place I should post about my ideas instead of just adding a new page?

Absolutely, feel free to post to your user talk page or to the Discord general chat.