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Lexis was born in 2070 to the Federation on the planet Tovas, the larger of two satellites orbiting their homeworld. She was a fun and energetic chickling who enjoyed exploring her surroundings and tinkering with whatever she found whether it was electronic or organic. Her favourite hobby was trying to synthesise increasingly complex compounds using the Food Synth in her home most of which went well beyond its intended design. Even though she was thoroughly interested in experimentation and natural sciences, she enjoyed sporting activities with her peers and was not afraid to work with her talons or sweat for her work.

Lexis Uthwei
The Mother of Cosmic Exploration
Legendary scientist Lexis
Biological Details
Age: 298
Sex: Female
Height(cm): 170
Weight(kg): 70kg
Race/Species: Avian/Cyanocitta
General Details
Occupation: Retired
Rank or Title: N/A
Affiliations: Union Navy; Officium Experimentis; Foundation for Progress
ECR: 1
Combat Details
Skills and Training: N/A
Abilities: N/A
Unique Attributes/Misc
Gregarious, compassionate, and energetic. The genius Avian loves to help others.

It was clear from a young age that she was far superior to chicklings her age intellectually, thus her parents applied her to the Federal Bureau of Education and Information to evaluate her aptitude for advanced learning. For Avians, this is considered an honour as it is the hallmark of extremely gifted individuals - the Bureau accepts only a handful of people out of millions of applicants per year and even less than that pass their examination. Applicants are evaluated in three primary fields, the first being the Avian equivalent of Arts and Humanities, the second being Practical Skills and Athletic Acumen, with the third testing Theory, Research, and Problem Solving. The evaluation is particularly difficult as each field has a minimum passing grade one must obtain, so it is quite difficult for a person to be gifted in all three of the fields. There are one thousand questions in total and twelve hours of continuous athletic evaluation which cover esoteric concerns as well as applied knowledge all of which are designed to push the applicant to their limit - no one person is expected to obtain full marks.

Lexis was one of the youngest ever applicants to try for the evaluation and promptly scored in the top five results in the tests 150-year history. As a result, she was accepted into the Federal Premier Collegiate and Polytechnic College which is an optional intermediary between secondary and post-secondary education at only 13 years of age where she obtained her High Baccalaureate Diploma in Applied Science which covers topics of advanced mathematics, chemistry, biology, and physics, as well introductory concepts of laboratory work, cyberscience, engineering, health science, and research topics with maximum grade point average.

She continued to excel in academia when she was awarded a scholarship to the famous Grand University on the Leporid homeworld of Profectus - to which she gladly accepted. At 16 years of age, she would normally have been extremely young for a University student, but such an age is normal for her Leporidae peers that place extremely high pressure on their youth to excel. As this was the Grand University, her classes were small with only a dozen or less pupils per professor. It was there that she studied Electrical Engineering as she learned early on that she had a passion for creating and modifying devices.

She would graduate a year ahead of schedule where she was provided with a paid internship from Profectus Dynomatics, at the time the fourth largest corporation in the entire Conglomerate. She interned there for a period of five years helping improve existing mechanised units with great success while also studying Astrophysics part-time. Lexis was continuously praised for her extremely efficient designs and outstanding work ethic, having improved almost every outdated model the company had in its inventory and in a time far faster than almost anyone else.

Lexis briefly left the company to pursue two Doctor of Philosophy degrees simultaneously back at the Grand University. From her research, she designed the first ever schematic of a supermassive starship and every one of its systems but had no way to implement its design as no single organisation had the infrastructure to construct her vessel, but her research won her several awards. She had also laid the groundwork in one of her thesis papers for what would eventually become known as Warp Propulsion technology but did not know it at the time.

The Avian woman was rapidly growing in reputation and fame for her incredible success. She instructed classes at several institutions, performed lectures for professionals, and assisted Profectus Dynomatics in designing new and powerful mechanised technology - her most famous of which would be a fighter jet-bipedal mech hybrid which was previously thought to be impossible to be effective or efficient.

The enterprising engineer would continue to develop schematics for other starships, and branched out to transport vehicles, orbital stations, energy devices, and even some weapons of warfare under contract from various employers.

In 2150 mated with another prominent scientist and the couple lived happily together, often working on research for the other. They had twelve chicklings together in total across their 110 year relationship. Sadly, her mate passed away due to natural causes. She would later adopt three non-Avian children over the span of 100 years.

Nirvana Institute / Officium Experimentis

In 2120 she was approached to lead a top-secret think tank funded by all four governments of the nascent Union of Galactic Species. They needed new technology to traverse the stars and easily transport between solar systems. Having heard about her fantastical theories and designs for exactly this concept, the coalition would requisition her skills and unlimited resources at her disposal. She was provided with a team with the best of three engineers, three physicists, three chemists, and three other professionals of her choosing all of which were bound to secrecy for the entire project.

Together they created the Nirvana Institute, a complex capable of the most legendary of advancements with the greatest of minds running the show. In only seven years they had taken a single hypothesis and brought it to fruition having constructed the first ever Warp propulsion engine and the first ever interstellar starship simultaneously. They decided to name it the Liberty for its symbolism of uplifting all galactic life and providing the key to unlocking a bright future for all. The Navy would later continue the legacy, giving each iteration a codename (Red, Yellow, and Blue)

After they completed the project, the Institute was declassified and they renamed themselves to the Office of Experiments to further conduct groundbreaking developments. Some of the staff involved were reassigned to build the Union Science and Engineering Bureau to promote cooperation between civilian, corporate, and military research, as well as provide a governing body for standards, accountability, and ethics.


Her people are known for being fairly long lived with a life expectancy of 130 years, but some species of Avian have a mutation that permits an even greater lifespan of almost 250 years. Lexis was also genetically altered to increase her life by a decade, and on top of that she has had several cybernetic implants and organ transplants which gives her a total life expectancy of 320 years, far beyond that of ordinary Avian. As she is enormously wealthy she can sustain these modifications for quite a while.

Recent Life

She laid the foundation for several important projects currently ongoing but was never able yo see it through to fruition. She hired Avarice Ioneth in 2345 as her Executive Experimenter. What she did not anticipate however was how devious and egotistical he was so when he began plotting to usurp Lexis she was entirely blindsided. He would continually attempt to push the boundary on his research and often ignored safety protocol and even legal restrictions which would have Lexis pushing him back. Naturally he felt stifled and would find any reason at all to have her removed.

He would somehow find a way to frame her for his unehical experiments and falsely blow the whistle on her work which forced the Union Command Council to intervene and expel her from the organisation but for her centuries of great work she was spared any litigation or even a Dishonourable Discharge and forced to retire. She currently lives a humble life on Elluvia where she is well protected by the local gangs.

She created the Uthwei Foundation for Progress after she settled. It is a philanthropic group that wishes to further education, technological innovation, and acknowledge scientific achievement.


  1. PhD, Physics
  2. PhD, Mechanical Engineering
  3. Graduate Degree, Astrophysics
  4. Bachelor's Degree, Electrical Engineering
  5. High Baccalaureate Diploma, Applied Science
  6. USEB Standards Committee Platinum Rating
  7. Union Navy Medal of Ultimate Service
  8. Scienceworld EZine Person of the Century
  9. Mars Institute's Stellar Prize in Physics
  10. Profectus Dynomatics' Most Valuable Professional Award
  11. Advanced Military Academy's Recognition of Enduring Education
  12. Intergalactic Council of Research Professionals, Certified Professional