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  Saga of Fang and Claw is a collaborative science-fantasy experience. There are 154 articles and growing since this the project began in October 2015. The wiki format allows anyone to create or edit any article, so we can all work together to create a comprehensive database and lore to build upon for the SoFaC realm.

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The New Year 2019 - Plans & Updates January 13, 2019

It's been a long second-half of 2018 for me and the new year has already felt like three months rolled into one. I ended up being unable to properly deliver my bi-annual update as I wanted and even revision 17-1 did not work out as I had envisioned. Nevertheless, I'll be much more stable in the coming month for various reasons. I already did complete much of revision 17-1 and revision 17-2 is going to focus entirely on locations. This year's big project is revision 18 which will, at last, see the factions be properly written and set up. Of course, I'm simply laying the foundation and polish is still some time away, with the Alpha polishing stage slated for the last two revisions (29-1 and 29-2).

This is a good opportunity to tell you about my revision system. I decided I wanted an easy-to-understand update numeration for the wiki and I didn't like having three decimal points like most do, at least not until we have far more content to work with and fine-tuning is more realistic. So revisions will work in two steps where I implement what I consider the most important elements of a revision in the first step and then enhance and expand in the second half. This allows me to get out my basic concepts and then give it some very small scale polish so it doesn't just produce hundreds of one paragraph stub articles.

Additionally, I'd like to address the state of affairs in the Discord. Yes we've stagnated in terms of roleplay. This is primarily due to my extremely busy summer and fall seasons last year, but also because our most active roleplayer had decided to part ways with us, leaving a lot of the activity to dwindle while I placed the SoFaC Discord on the backburner. We welcomed a newcomer to the Discord who is eager to get started, however, and I'm keenly interested in growing the community but I am holding off on giving it any real effort until we've entered the final stretch of Alpha (revision 20-29) and I've more budget for advertisement.

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