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Hello to every beautiful soul that reads this page! After reading this article, you will become a master at building pages for SoFaC!

Keep in mind that there are no strict guidelines on writing a page. We ask that you abide by the following:

  • Spellcheck and try your best to use effective grammar and sentence structure.
  • Do not write in the first person (me, I).
  • Attempt to build the structure of the article with a coherent and logical flow of information. Think about a news article - the most pertinent information up front, lesser details later on. Look at some other similar pages for ideas on how to structure your page.
  • Write as though you are omniscient - the Saga wiki is not designed to be read from an in-universe perspective. Using such tricks as 'redacted'; 'classified'; 'data corrupted', and similar to obfuscate details about a page is not what we consider proper form. You can however, write in that manner if you want to indicate to a reader that your article is unfinished. This must be clearly indicated somewhere else, however, most readily in the 'summary' section of the page editing sandbox. You're welcome instead to plainly state within the article's body.
  • Unless absolutely necessary, please do not create an article until you have at least 250 words prepared about it. Anything less and there is truly no point in creating your page, instead consider adding it to an existing page. If you still desire to, you can create a draft your own Discussion tab, or on the #characters channel on our Discord if it's for a character.

Creating Your Page

So, you want to help out, do you? We've made that as simple as possible for you!

Step One: Search For Your Page

You want to first see if your page already exists, or if there's not something extremely similar. If the wiki does not detect an existing page, or the search comes up dry, you're free to continue.


Step Two: Get Started!

After you understand that you most certainly want to create your page, you only need to follow the red link provided for you. All red links indicate a missing page.


Step Three: Adding Details

Okay, now you want to get down to business! We don't want to ask for a novel at the beginning. Think about what you want to write and get enough details that we could understand who or what you're talking about if we were to encounter it. We recommend 500 words to get you off the ground.


Step Four: The Templates

Templates are useful with wiki websites because they allow for a uniform way of adding content to pages. Normally, you'd just insert the template directly, meaning that if the template's page is editing, your page will mirror that. Instead of SoFaC, we prefer using substitute which copies the template so you can make changes yourself (as even if you wanted to, the template page is locked).


Step Five: Results!

You will immediately see what your substitution just did reflect in the preview, or if you simply saved the page then on the page itself. Your page is now live once you hit 'save'

Pt5 .png

Step Six: Editing

A word you will come to live with as you work with a wiki. Editing is the heart and soul of every wiki project, and it is thus here too.