Siege of Basselus

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In 2328, Basselus, the homeworld of the Felines, was the victim of a massive and terrible invasion lead by a great coalition of anti-Feline sympathisers, anti-Union rebels, Clan Red Claw mercenaries and allied Space Pirates. The war was completely orchestrated by Ouroboros as an act of aggression and to demoralise the Union, demonstrate the capabilities of the reinvigorated organisation, and display their serious intent.  

More than thirty million lives total were lost in this battle, including the life of the previous Grandmaster (Zokunen's older brother Saroth) and resulted in the heavy destruction of Basselus' numerous cities. One of the very first acts that Zokunen performed upon being granted his new title was the launch of their elite Guardian special forces unit.

The Siege would encompass a mere four months of blitz operations.

Involved Parties

Invaders (2,090,100)

  • Unorganised rebel groups and individuals (~1,000,000+)
  • Basselusian traitors (17,000)
  • Space Pirates (110,000)
    • Dread Captain Joker (35,000)
  • People for the Prevention of Civil Heresy (196,200)
  • Feline Youth for Justice Alliance (397,000)
  • Sons of the Forbidden Fruit  (50,000)
  • Clan Red Claw (760,000)
    • Silver Bullets
    • Bleeding Knives
    • Spectral Hunters
    • Undead Khans
    • Lovers of Agony
    • 31,000 unaffiliated mercenaries

Defenders (1,313,000)

  • Basselusian Planetary Defense Forces (500,000)
  • Grandmaster's private security unit (3,000)
  • Chorian reinforcements (Feline colony) (150,000)
    • 2nd Auxiliary Division
    • 1st Auxiliary Division
    • 10th Armoured Division
    • Heavy Recon Flotilla
  • Union reinforcements - Beta Fleet (660,000)
    • 6th Heavy Support Division
    • 2nd, 5th, 35th Infantry Division
    • 3rd Assault Division
    • 16th Heavy Transport Flotilla
    • 202nd Starhawks, 101st Solar Force Recon,

Major Players

Vanity - Dubbed the 'Hero of Basselus' for preventing the capital from falling, defeating the majority of the opposition leadership, and thwarting dozens of VIP assassinations. Her actions alone saved the war effort months of struggle and thousands of lives.

Balthior - Lead the majority of Red Claw forces and directly opposed Vanity. Murdered Sub-Admiral Yjoren Voss in a duel.

Yilani O'Toro - At the time, the young Operative was able to rally scores of civilian militia and route rebel units with little supply or reinforcement from the Navy, and with her Commanding Officer dead. Her valiant efforts helped secure the Feline parliament from being occupied and saved the Southern Front from oblivion.